Tax Preparation Irvine

tax preparation IrvineRobert S. Borish, CPA, has been solving tax issues for individuals and businesses for over 25 years. Complete tax preparation services include answering all your questions about deductions and tax liability, bookkeeping and accounting services that help setup and maintain important financial records and preparing individual 1040 tax returns, and complex returns for estates, businesses, and corporations.

Payroll Processing:

Let us take on the timely and accurate processing of your payroll, including tracking and paying overtime, commissions, and leave time.


We provide accurate and timely billing for accounts receivable and accounts payable, removing one more layer of tasks from busy managers and business owners.


We meet all accounting needs for every level of business from small business, to corporate, to unique and complex personal accounting needs.

Quickbooks classes

Private Quickbooks classes help you set up Quickbooks for your needs and show you how to take advantage of our cloud-based Quickbooks services.


Take advantage of the convenience of payroll processing and Quickbooks cloud services to streamline every aspect of bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation.