QuickBooks On-Line

quickbooks irvineWe have experienced success with our premium offering of Quickbooks ™ in the cloud.  While Intuit™ offers an on-line version, our cloud version is the full desktop version of Quickbooks™ which is more robust and easier to use than the Intuit™ on-line version.  The advantage of the cloud service is it allows our clients to perform transactions that they are comfortable with, such as writing checks, creating customer invoices and making deposits.

Our bookkeepers can then seamlessly reconcile bank and credit card accounts and our CPA’s prepare the financial statements.  We can also alert our clients to problems so that errors are not repeated ensuring that financial statements are accurate at all times.  Furthermore, with our on-line payroll service we download payroll and payroll deposits directly into Quickbooks™ (if using our cloud service), saving time for our clients and ensuring accuracy.